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Our Story


We're changing lives one facial at a time! 

Founded in 2017, The Memphis Skin Academy is one of Tennessee's first apprentice models Aesthetics programs. Our program uniquely designed program allows students the opportunity to gain practical , hands-on training within a salon/spa setting alongside industry veteran Aestheticians. This course requires 750 completed hours of both theory and practical knowledge per the

Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology. 

Why choose The Memphis Skin Academy?

As one of Tennessee's first apprenticeship model Aesthetics program, The Memphis Skin Academy has the program just for you! The Memphis Skin Academy is a small, student-centered program dedicated to educating and training future aestheticians who are passionate about a career in the beauty industry. Here, we pride ourselves on the uniquely designed hands-on education centered around teaching our students the skills necessary for long-term success in the industry as a licensed aesthetician. Our very reputable program is recognized by local professionals who seek to employee professionally trained and experienced students to staff their salons and/or spas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our students with a quality education, ensuring the have the required skill sets needed to deliver exceptional skin care services.

Our Mission

Start your career today!

Redefining the possibilities.

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